Everywhere we go, you guys always embrace us with so much love

Everywhere we go, you guys always embrace us with so much love. I love you guys!!‬

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Comment by D Heart 8 hours ago

Comment by D Heart yesterday

Something awesome happened to Earth and in the fields today! But still we have to stay vigilant and guarded.
I can't wait for something awesome to happen with you - I love you I miss you I can't wait to sit on you and kiss you coz YOU ROCK ME all night long!

Comment by D Heart on Saturday

Hope you're having a GOOD FRIDAY : )
!! It is our turn ~ yay baebee ~ and it's about time !!

Comment by D Heart on Friday

Hi Baebee! I felt guided to write about my beloved father. A warning tho, the second part of this could be a bit of a doozy if you are in a low mood, so please read when you are feeling energetic.
     Your father reminds me of mine. He passed away nearly ten years ago and would have been 76 this September. Dark hair, good looking, some people said he looked Mexican or Spanish, lol. Wow, he was a character.. strong, stubborn, talented and superintelligent. But unfortunately his unhealed childhood wounds caused him to be egocentric and so he bulldozed his way thru life. I used to wish he had an epiphany to look inward and slay his own demons, instead of trying to control the people and the world around him.
     His ego and my mther's self-centeredness created a volatile home. I wanted so badly for them to separate. I would tell them they'd be happier without each other, but they were adamant to stay together. wtf. Were they not aware how their children were being affected!?  I wrongly put the burden on myself to be the adult in the family. They fought, and I would protect and stand up for her, because at the time I thought she was the innocent victim. So I refereed and consoled until I was bled dry.
     I moved out as soon as I could. Studying psychology and philosophy helped give me some sanity. But even after I became independent, he still wanted to control. Like, he would come over anytime to fix things that he thought needed fixing. lol. He'd call me an idiot for not listening to his ideas. I'm laughing now, but poor me then. It used to take a lot out of me as I didn't know I had the right to put up strong barriers. Now, I'm pretty good at handling egotistical men and I'm aware of the fact that they will never hear what you are truly saying.
     I realize now that most lightworkers are born into extreme situations and to unawake parents. And things can either go two ways.. the dark can win and take the lightworker down into self-destruction.. or, if the wounds are acknowledged, released and healed, can easier stay on the path that leads towards our full potential.
     My father's way of showing love, was by being a provider and was proud to be a workaholic. His talent was to fix and make things. I think if he had the time and resources he could have built a spaceship from scratch, lol. He made my first bike which he painted yellow :) my ice-skates, our canoe, jewellery for mther when they were courting, awww, and almost anything from wrought iron, which always looked like a work of art. He was a perfectionist, so his creations were unique and perfect. He enjoyed ice hockey and soccer back in the early days. He would play the guitar and sing to himself after he raged.
     He had a closed heart, but it was a good heart. He didn't understand that he was being mean and only believed he was doing the right thing. These days I thank him for being the one to bring me into this world and for not being perfect, because if he was I may not have taken the steps to become who I am today.
     If he was still alive and I saw him today, it would have to be short and sweet as I don't think he would have changed much. It would have always been only about his own opinion and that he was the greatest. To him, nothing I did was ever right, let alone impress him, like the time I got straight 1's and A's at school.. he actually told me off, and accused me of being vain, wtf, lol. Even though he couldn't express anything positive to me, I always knew that somewhere hidden within his heart was his love for me. I thank him for being my teacher so that I was pushed to learn so many things, and most importantly self-love.
     It would be interesting to meet yours one day. I actually like most men in that age group, specifically for their strong personalities and that they stand up for what they believe. I respect that. Bless them all.
     I feel I have healed my relationship with my father almost fully, that's why I'm lighthearted about it all. It's amazing how much you can mend without even being in their presence.  But!.. Can you guess what my main problem is now?! ... cont'd

Comment by D Heart on Thursday

H! I trust you're happy and well. I'm feeling good and very thankful and grateful I have a way of expressing myself here. And thanks for all your posts, they really keep me going! I'm still working on something that I didn't know was going to take so long. What was going to be a paragraph is turning out to be a chapter. It's a bit draining, but I'm being nudged to share it with you. So standby. I'm hoping later today, maybe tomorrow. This one isn't feelgood. It's about people. One you thought was bad, actually turns out to be an angel, compared to the cruel cunning selfish snake the person you thought was an angel turned out to be. No judgements, just my experiences. I keep reminding myself to not take it personally, because I understand the full picture and the dark force in this matrix that we came to transmute. A part of the dark is the toxic feminine energies, which has infected a lot of self-centered and weak females. It is the most deadly and covert, and so it can destroy or at best, really mind fck a person that they decide to latch onto, usually empaths. I will rebuild myself and fully recover one day from all the sneaky poisoning and vampiring. I have no hard feelings. Just prayers that these snakes wake up to themselves and their desperate ways. Dear God, please forgive them for they really know not what they do. And please give us the strength and clarity every step of the way, to know how to safely remove their fangs and the poison. Please also let us be happy and at peace during this process - Thank You!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~
Love You!
Miss You!
I wanna Kiss You!
When I'm Still
and I Focus
I Feel Yoooou!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~

Comment by D Heart on Wednesday

Comment by D Heart on Wednesday

... to find our True Selves before we can easily drop the false shackles of this matrix
that bind us to our respective prisons ... to be with each other in freedom
... nothing's gonna stop us now!

Comment by D Heart on Tuesday

I learned a new word today!
And it looks like Casey is doing
what I've been doing all along : )

Comment by D Heart on April 15, 2019 at 4:57pm

YOU are good for my health
Your lips are my FRUIT
Let's do it !
Volume up !
Bottoms up ??! LOL!

Comment by D Heart on April 15, 2019 at 4:15am

    ... and destiny cannot be stopped!

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