Learn How To Bet No More Than £6 Per Day And Still Pull In A Profit Of £210.75, £606.25 And Even £1,326.83 Per Month!

Crazy Little Bets

Have you heard of Ashley Cannon’s Crazy Little Bets?
If not you’ll be glad that you got this today.

Ashley puts a no more than £6 on the horses each day.
So far this year he’s made £2,143.83

Read what he says:

Dear Fellow Punter,

My name is Ashley Cannon and a few years ago I was probably betting like you are now, you sign up with a tipster, follow a “system” or make your own selections, or a mixture of all of those, and you put a regular stake down on the bet.

£10 to win? £20 to win? £50 to win?

Am I right?

Have you ever looked at how much you put down on the selections over a week? or even a month?

Take a tipsters where you are backing 3 selections per day at level stakes, simple win bets and say you do this 6 days per week.

That’s £30 per day to small £10 bets, 6 days per week. That’s £180 per week you are betting.

How about if you did this 26 days per month?

That’s £780 per month you are putting on the horses.

OK, you don’t lose every bet but the fact that you found your way to this site makes me think that you might not be winning as much as you’d like with your current strategy.

Betting at £10 stakes, say if you made 20pts profit, that’s £200 per month, or even 30pts profit, £300 per month.

You’re not even making a 40% return on the amount you are investing.

How about if I told you I could…

Show You How To Bet No More

Than £6 Per Day And Still Pull In

A Profit Of £210.75, £606.25

And Even £1,326.83 Per Month?

Betting £6 per day over a full 30 day month means you are betting a total of £180 over the month, instead of £780.

But you can still pull in that £1,000 per month profit.

Now thats over 550% more than you invested! A lot better than a 38% return right?

And not only that, but a lot less risk too!

Instead of paying out £780 per month, we’re keeping it under £200, in fact sometimes its as little as £4 per day, so a lot less than £150 over the month.

And again we don’t even have to be perfect to see a return using my method.

Its better to win something than go days without any returns.

Ashley Cannon

Today Ashley Cannon’s offering you the chance to get 50% off his service.

Join The Crazy Little Bets Today!

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