Enrique&Sandy&Junior - You're My Number One CD Single

Hello guys,

I'm looking for,

Enrique&Sandy&Junior - You're My No:1 Brazilian Promo CD Single in 2000

If anyone has it for sale or wants to swap, please contact me at mert_tarioglu@yahoo.com

Hope somebody can help.

Good day!

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I hope you'll find it !

Thank you, kindly spead the message to ur buddies who might have this cd and willing to swap/sale


Wow I hope you can find the same.

I found the Portuguese CD after a wait for more than 7 years.

You mean ENRIQUE CD Brazilian Edition where English &Portuguese version of You're My No:1 are on it ??

I hope i dont wait such a long time lol.

Btw you are a member of Just 4 Enrique UK fan group?

No the first album which was in Portuguese.

I am Just 4 Enrique aka Iona since 1999 on this site.

The UK Fan Club named Just 4 Enrique came in later.

Yes that one is also a rare one but i have got both CD and Cassette. Moreover i can swap it for Enrique&Sandy&Junior-You're My Number One CD!

OK 1 confession about Just 4 Enrique fan club. I dont know who the admin is at the moment but whenever i tried to ask something on their FB and Instagram page, they constantly blocked me. I don't think think it's a friendly approach the fans from other countries.


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